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Auto-Trans exists on the Polish  transportation market since  1996. Since the beginning of its   existence it provides passenger,  delivery and small cars  transport.

Our company’s most important  characteristics are:

  • punctuality
  • speed
  • care about entrusted cars
  • cautious loading-unloading  activities
  • safe delivery to a specific location
  • possibility of 24/7 monitoring of  the transported shipment


Our company is completely covered with civilian liability insurance for carriers in international traffic according to the CMR Convention, and the Polish Traffic Law in domestic movement. The insurance involves all risks coming from the transport itself and other circumstances that might appear during the process.

The insurance Policy is signed with one of  the biggest insurance companies in Poland  called WARTA SA. The guarantee sum for  one event is 300 000 USD for both  domestic and international transports to a  specified location and the possibility of  contact 24 hours a day.

In this moment we administrate seven up-to-date set (autotransporters) with build in Kassbohrer and Silver scissors, which meet the Euro3 and Euro5 standards.

We are sure that we will meet your expectations.

Andrzej Świątek